Why should I not take my car to the dealer in Cary NC? Great question. Let’s start off with a story. I received a letter from the manufacturer for a recall on an airbag for one of Peak Auto’s loaner vehicles. I was hesitant to take the vehicle all the way to the dealer, leave it, then have to go pick it up. I ask the parts department, whom Peak Auto purchases a lot for parts for our customers, if they could just send me the updated airbag and Peak Auto would have one of our own expert technicians install it.

Sounds like a good idea for everyone. No, they would not allow it. So I called today for an appointment and after 9 minutes and 21 seconds of time I will never get back, I finally landed an appointment for next Thursday. Painful!!! I know it is difficult to find good help, but 10 minutes and constantly repeating myself, as if this appointment clerk was texting on her cellphone the whole time trying to arrange a date for Friday night…

Besides the pain I felt today and will probably suffer next week when I drop the car off, There are a few other reasons not to take your car to the dealer for service. Yes dealers do have great technicians who are trained very well but that is not who will work on your car. Unless you drive the newest most expensive vehicle that your manufacturer makes, you will get the guy who just came out of technician training school who struggles to complete 20 hours of work a week.

At Peak Auto we have great technicians who are very well trained, have years of experience, and who are experts in there brads they work on. Each of our highly skilled technicians can complete the most difficult tasks for each car including, engine installs, clutches, and timing belts and timing chains. We also back this up with factory level diagnostic equipment, engine specific tools, and OEM parts and fluids. In the past we have hired individuals that seemed to be go-getters and interested in learning new things but this has not proved to be beneficial to our valued customers.

At Peak Auto located next to the Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64 West in Apex, NC, you will have your service performed by a expert technician who has mastered their trade and will treat your vehicle in the manner you should expect. Imagine, even the simplest task of an oil change will be performed by a technician who is smart, established, and has years and years of experience in complex mechanical repair and service.

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