Meet August: August drives a Mazda CX5 and recently brought his SUV to Peak Auto for a brake inspection and to look over the vehicle for any other maintenance needs. At Peak Auto our brake inspection goes a little deeper than what is included on our standard 50 Point inspection.

During a brake inspection, the wheels are removed from the vehicle and condition of rotors/disc and or drums are measured. Each brake pad is measured separately and noted to check for uneven wear on inside and outside of each brake caliper, brake fluid is inspected and the moisture level is tested. There is small cost to this, but if brakes are needed and replaced the fee is removed.

During Peak Auto’s highly trained and skilled technician’s inspection of August’s SUV, he noted that the cabin air filter was dirty. When we informed August of this, he was shocked because he felt the filter was replaced recently. He decided not to replace the filter, but when he got home he inspected the cabin air filter himself and was “amazed” and how “filthy” it was.

Read August’s Review of the service

At we Peak Auto we take pride in our work and for us, servicing your vehicle is a career and not just a part time job.

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