Meet Michael: Michael drives a BMW 525i and lives in Fuquay Varina. Michael likes to work on his own vehicle and enjoys a hands-on approach to car ownership. Michael also recognizes some repair are to difficult of a task to complete without the proper tools and equipment. Recently Michael replaced the struts on his BMW 525i but needed the vehicle aligned.

Michael brought his BMW 525i to Peak Auto for a “proper” BMW alignment. At Peak Auto we take to the time and effort to align your BMW the correct way. During a BMW alignment the vehicle needs to be weighted down with 500 lbs. The highly accurate Hunter Hawkeye pinpoints the exact places to put the 50 lbs weights. This weighing down of the vehicle replicates the force of air that pushes down on the vehicle while driving 60 MPH or 100 KPH. Since ride height is the most critical part of a vehicles alignment, the weight ensures that the vehicle responds properly while driving on the highway.

While Michael’s BMW was at Peak Auto, Peak Auto’s expert technician pointed out a few items that Michael would want to address on his vehicle. The vehicle was aligned, car was washed and cleaned, and Michael was called to pick-up his BMW 525i. Michael was so pleased with his experience at Peak Auto that he left a great 5 Star Google Review!

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