Has any one else noticed that since BMW switched to Pennzoil AKA Shell full synthetic engine oil, their oil change intervals have gone from approximately 15,000 Miles to approximately 8,000 miles? We service BMW’s Oil in the Cary Apex area of North Carolina and for years we have been informing our BMW Customers that they should think of BMW service in an annual basis. BMW was planning on a once-a-year service like Mercedes Benz does but something must have happened. Could it have been the excessive burning of BMW motor oil, the BMW leaking motor oil, or the failing of crank case ventilation systems do to plastic pipes hardening and deteriorating?

At Peak Auto we have seen, dealt, and fixed all of these BMW common issues. I suppose we will never know the true reason BMW shortened their service intervals but at Peak Auto we have been allerting customers to this change to help our clients get the most reliability, satisfaction, and dependability from owing a BMW in Cary NC.


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