It’s a rainy day and my AC is working to keep my windows from fogging-up. This is where Air-conditioning and safety meet. It is so important to be able to see out of your windows when it is raining. Having extra distractions like wiper blades moving from side to side and other drivers who struggle to be courteous on a soggy day in Cary NC, can make your commute dangerous. Best to do what you can to fight the elements. At Peak Auto we take the time to inspect vehicles on their routine service call or oil change. We always run the wiper blades and inform customers if they streak. We do not charge labor to put wiper blades on your vehicle.

If your AC blows cold and your heater works, the combination of the two on a day like this is magical. I feel guilty sometimes when I run the AC and the heat at the same time, there just seems to be something glutinous about the action. Safety first even if the efficiency of your vehicle goes down a bit. What is the cost of a collision in comparison for a few pennies at the pump.

Over all driving in the rain is much more hazardous than in dry conditions. Take your vehicle to Peak Auto located at 833 US 64 W in apex, right next to the Cary auto Mall to ensure that you are safe. The right amount of refrigerant is key to having a efficiently functioning Air-Conditioning system in your car.


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