Meet Bryan: Brian drove a 2010 Volkswagen VW GTI and started visiting Peak Auto in 2015 when his GTI had only 85,963 miles on it. With regular service and maintenance Bryan was able to use his VW for reliable work related transportation. After 180,340 miles Bryan’s Volkswagen GTI’s timing chain finally gave up the fight.  Bryan had his VW towed to Peak Auto located next to the Cary Auto Mall at 833 US 64 West in Apex NC.

After pushing the GTI into the shop, Peak Auto’s expert technician discovered that one of the two camshafts was not turning when the engine was cranking. The camshafts on the 2010 VW GTI with the 2 liter turbo engine are connected and timed to the crankshaft using a timing chain. If the chain or chain sprockets are broken then the camshaft will not turn when the crankshaft is turning. The VW 2 liter turbo is an interference engine, meaning that the valve will interfere or collide with the pistons if the timing is off. This is not good and the vehicle needed a new engine to be fixed.

Bryan felt that he had gotten his mileage out of the Volkswagen GTI and had already started looking for a truck. After Peak Auto contacted him to give Bryan the news, he decided to purchase the truck and move on. We hope that all cars last forever, and through regular service and maintenance vehicles now-a-days do last considerably longer than years ago. It is not unheard-of to drive a vehicle with over 200,000 miles on the odometer. We are happy for Bryan’s new purchase and hope to see him in soon for his first oil change with Peak Auto.

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